3HK Taiwan 5Days Unlimited Roaming Data Prepaid SIM

New 3HK Taiwan 5Days Unlimited Roaming Data Prepaid SIM
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3HK Taiwan 5Days Unlimited Roaming Data Prepaid SIM

Brand : 3HK

Model : 3HK Taiwan 5Days Unlimited Roaming Data Prepaid SIM

● 4G LTE network 5days Unlimited data usage in Taiwan

● Registration not required.
● Allowed to connect to any social network platform andHong Kong website

● New 3-in-1 SIM card applicable to any Internet device / Smart Phone

● After 5GB the fair usage level will deceleration

Charges and Important Notes

● Once the Roaming Data Day Pass is successfully subscribed, the package charge will be deducted from the stored value instantly. An SMS confirmation will be sent to prepaid mobile number upon subscription. Roaming Data Day Pass will be terminated on the respective end day 23:59(Hong Kong time) automatically and there is no pro-rata calculation even the Pass is effective in the middle of the day.

● Once Data Roaming Day Pass is effective, the data Network Shield service will be activated, and data roaming service is only applicable to destination and networks.

● Roaming Data service will be terminated upon Day Pass termination. The remaining data usage will be forfeited at the same time.

● Usage of the Day Pass is subject to the coverage, system compatibility and other relevant conditions of the designated networks, which are subject to changes without prior notice.

● Day Pass shall not be applicable to usage on Peer to Peer(PTP). If usage is incurred from or by PTP including applications such as (but not limited to) BitTorrent ,edonkey ,flashget ,foxy ,ppstream ,winmx, ect, or if there is any abusive or abnormal usage,3HK shall have the right to forthwith terminate Daily Pass without prior notice. All

commercial or illegal promotion activities via the use of Daily Pass shall be prohibited

● Tethering availability depends on network operators in the destinations. 3HK does not restrict the use of tethering with Data Roaming Day Pass.

● Day Pass shall not be applicable to aircraft roaming/maritime roaming/satellite roaming

● Fair Usage Data Threshold are affected by designated network, the data access speed (upload/ download)will be fluctuation. Please refer to 3Hong Kong Prepaid SIM Card Service Usage Policy and Fair Usage Policy for details.


● Arrived Taiwan, insert SIM card to your Internet device / Smart Phone and search network operators ,it will activate automatically, Effective date of 5days.

● You will receive short message showing the mobile shored value, and confirmation message of the opening of the default roaming data package. Account Enquiry: Press##107# to check Stored Value and Mobile number.

● If you are unable to access to data after completing the above steps, please try to reboot your handset/turn on Mobile Data and Data Roaming /ensure the APN and network setting is correct/ Flight mode OFF

● Designated destinations networks, please visit www.three.com.hk/prepaid for details

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