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New BackPainHelp Therapy Pad
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BackPainHelp Therapy Pad

Brand : bac

Origin : UK

Product Description

Product advantages:

Multi-purpose machine: Preset different massage programs to massage different parts.

Flexibility: You can easily adjust the ten different massage strengths according to your preferences to massage different deep muscles

Stylish and lightweight: Just attach the electrode pads to the right place for a relaxing massage, not to be noticed

Easy to use: Just use the battery to continue to use for four hours


Standard configuration

Washable and durable massage stickers x 2 pieces

1 year maintenance, self-carrying to customer service

Widely applicable: long-term exercise fitness fatigue driver lazy people, busy people sitting on the computer, over-the-counter, shoulder and neck pain, mobile phone, low-head

power supply: USB

Manufacturers : Handsome Ltd

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