JoyTel 4G 7days 8Countries Unlimited Data Sim

JoyTel 4G 7days 8Countries Unlimited Data Sim
Product Code: JoyTel 4G 7days 8Countries Unlimited Data Sim
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JoyTel 4G 7days 8Countries Unlimited Data Sim

Brand : JoyTel

Model : JoyTel 4G 7days 8Countries Unlimited Data Sim

Opening period: 31/3/2020

Date of use: China Hong Kong time valid within 7 days from the date of card opening

Use traffic: 400MB per day, exceeded to 128KB, unlimited use

Scope of use:Japan South Korea Singapore Malaysia United States Canada Indonesia Saudi Arabia

Network providers: Japan (Softbank) South Korea (SK Telecom) Singapore (Starhub / M1) Malaysia (Celcom / Digi) United States (AT&T) Canada (Bell / Telus) Indonesia (Excelcom) Saudi Arabia (Mobily)

Provide Nano, Micro, Normal SIMs (three in one sim)

Applicable frequency band: FDD-LTE, WCDMA

If your phone does not support itself above the band FDD-LTE 4G, 3G will only receive signals

Detailed introduction


(1) Mobile Internet access will affect the quality and speed of the Internet depending on the location/type/building cover/number of users and terminal equipment.

(2) The card is automatically activated, and the card is counted on the first day, please use it within the time limit and expired.

(3) This SIM card only provides mobile Internet access, and does not provide general call and SMS service.

(4) 400MB daily traffic. The system will limit the Internet access rate and can still be used until the card valid period ends. Currently, the mobile phones on the market can be used except 2G mobile phones and old-style Asia-Pacific machines (CDMA).

(5) Double card machine Note: Please insert the network card into sim1, do not insert the card in sim2

(6) Please keep the complete card board and packaging for after-sales inquiry, and the card is not allowed in non-coverage countries.

(7) This card does not limit hotspots. Turning on hotspots affects network speed, and it is more power-consuming. It is recommended that one person use one card.

(8) Please follow the Flow Fairness Principle to use the traffic reasonably. If you use this SIM card for commercial activities, criminal acts or abnormal use (the traffic is too large in a short time), the system provider has the right to suspend the service or limit the Internet without complaint. speed.

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