India 8 Days 3GB Data Sim

India 8 Days 3GB Data Sim
Product Code: TravelMate India 8 Days 3GB Data Sim
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TravelMate India 8 Days 3GB Data Sim

Brand Name : TravelMate

Model : TravelMate India 8 Days 3GB Data Sim

Feature of product:

* Notes on the number of days of roaming is one day within 24 hours from activation (example: 5:00 pm on the first day to 4:59 pm on the second day)

-Repeatable use of this SIM card, can be recharged at ec2home at any time or extend the validity period, applicable to many regions around the world

-The package is unlimited data, providing unlimited 4G high-speed Internet access within the specified GB number, after which the speed is reduced to 256kbps

-Support hotspot sharing of various mobile phones

-Can connect with major social platforms and Hong Kong websites (including WhatsApp, Facebook, YouTube, IG, Line, Google ...)

-Package is valid for 180 days from purchase

-If you do not purchase any package within 365 days from the date of purchase, this card will expire

-Network provided by India-Airtel

Instructions for use and withdrawal:

-After arriving at the local area, turn on the "data roaming" and "mobile data" functions of the mobile phone, and then use it after inserting the card

-If you have any questions about operation and need assistance, please refer to the instructions in the package

-The machine must pick up the flat postage separately (notify customer service after WhatsApp 6933 2898)

-Card Reminder: If you choose Hong Kong Airport to pick it up yourself, you must pick it up with a confirmation email or mobile phone verification code. Ec2home must arrange 2-3 working days in advance.

-The card pickup address is as follows:

Hong Kong International Airport T1

08:30 am-08:00 pm

Counter A11, Area A, Arrivals L5

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