Lenovo HW01 Fitness Band

SOLD OUT Lenovo HW01 Fitness Band
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Lenovo HW01 Fitness Band

Brand : Lenovo 

Made in China


Features : 

Smart pedometer, call reminder, sleep quality monitoring, remote remote camera, remote music sedentary reminder function, WeChat notification, calorie consumption calculation, the default alarm clock function


Features and advantages
1, equipped with optical heart rate sensor, in daily life, every 15 minutes automatically detect heart rate, heart rate continued beyond the normal range of warning, to remind the user
2, in the course of exercise, heart rate value exceeds the target value of timely alarm
3, in the driving or night duty, etc., the bracelet will be reminded by the shock to focus your attention
4, call / information reminder ~ phone calls, the bracelet will gently shake and call the name and number, to avoid missing important calls
5, automatic sleep monitoring ~ When you fall asleep, the bracelet will automatically open the sleep mode and the whole record of your deep sleep, shallow sleep and sleep time
6, social sharing ~ your sports information can be shared to WeChat, QQ, Facebook, Twitter and other social platforms
7, convenient third-party vendor login function ~ you can use WeChat, QQ, microblogging and other third-party vendors to quickly log on, eliminating the trouble of registration, permanent storage cloud
8, using the latest Norwegian Nordic nRF52832 ultra-low power chips, Bluetooth 4.2, more superior performance, more secure
9, the strap with imported ink, the second spray, through 800 times the alcohol wipe test
10, in full accordance with Lenovo's official quality requirements, consistent


Hardware Specifications :
Applicable system : Android 4.4 / iOS 8.0 above
Bluetooth : 4.2
Waterproof : IP65
Color : Black


Screen : OLED
Screen resolution : 128 × 32
Screen size : 0.91 inches
Operating mode : touch screen


Battery type : Lithium-ion polymer battery
Battery capacity : 85mAh
Standby time : 7 days


Weight and size
Dial size : 4 × 1.2 × 1cm / 1.57 X 0.47 X0.39 inches
Size : 23.5 x 1.2 cm / 9.25 X0.47 inches
Product Dimensions (L x W x H) : 23.50 X 1.20 X1.00 cm / 9.25 X 0.47 X 0.39 in.
Package size (L x W x H) : 10.20 5.50 X X7.00 cm / 4.02 X 2.17 X2.76 inches
Product weight : 0.0220 kg
Package Weight : 0.1200 kg


Package Contents
Package Contents : 1 Lenovo Intelligent HW01 Bracers, 1 Charging Line, 1 Chinese and English Manual
Lenovo offers 1 year original maintenance

Original licensed, original maintenance


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