Hello Prepare Sim $48

Hello Prepare Sim $48
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型 號︰ CSL Hello Prepare Sim $48
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CSL Hello Prepare Sim $48

品牌 : Hello (Serviced by CSL Mobile Limited)

型號 : CSL Hello Prepare Sim $38

實名登記 : 請按此

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SIM Card Activation

The SIM Card is valid for 180 days after activation. To continue using the mobile number, please recharge the SIM Card before the expiry date, otherwise the un-used value and mobile number will be forfeited.   

Insert the SIM card into the mobile phone

SIM Card Activation

  • Make the first outgoing call and select the preferred language; or

  • Press ##122# on your mobile phone, English will be set as your preferred language; or

  • Launch your internet browser and connect to the internet

You will receive an SMS confirmation that your SIM card has been activated

Expiry Date : 31/07/2025 




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